History of Clarence Presbyterian Church

On October 17, 1817, a group of settlers was talking about "our Church." This small group of Lutherans, Congregationalists and Dutch Reformed church members formed the Presbyterian Society of Clarence, New York. Fund-raising for the construction of a church building was begun in 1839 and the building was completed in 1844.

By the 1950's, the population of Clarence had doubled and so too had the church membership. In 1956, work was begun on the construction of
a new church building at the current location and a further addition was added in 1963.

In July of 2008 construction was begun on the expansion and renovation of the current building to better accommodate our member's needs and to expand fellowship and outreach to our community. It is our hope to complete our expansion and renovations during 2009.

For a more detailed history of Clarence Presbyterian Church you are welcome to
read "Clarence Presbyterian Church: Steeped in History," written by Julie Ottaway Schmit. Additionally you can follow the progress of the current construction project on our Construction Page.

Currently the Clarence Presbyterian Church is located at 9675 Main Street Clarence, New York 14031. Directions to our church can be found here.

"We are
A living tradition...
A new beginning

Our Logo

    Understand our logo, and you will understand our logic. Our hope is that when you look at the logo of  Clarence Presbyterian Church, you will see the symbols below, which is what our church represents: 

1. Spirit – A dove, descending. It shows a sense of movement, that the Holy Spirit is at work, pushing us to do the right thing.

2. Oil Lamp - Giving us power, that we might be represent the light of Christ, bringing hope and peace to those in need.

3. Ship – A symbol of refuge, symbolizing, that our church is place of shelter.  

Respecting our Past, Embracing the Future
The look of our church has changed over the years...
Our values and beliefs have not.