Session is the group of elders chosen by the congregation to govern over the church. As elected representatives of the church the elders on the session are the leadership and government of the church. It is responsible for the life of our church at large.

Responsibilities of the Session and/or its committee include:

  • Through the Mission Committee plans for the overall mission emphasis and interprets the special mission in which our members can be involved personally and financially
  • Through the Financial Resources Committee the money is provided to fulfill the goals of our congregation
  • Through the Personnel Committee in consultation with the pastor supervises church employees
  • Through the Memorials & Scholarships Committee decides on the use of memorial and scholarship funds given to the church
  • Through the Columbarium Committee oversees the stewardship of the niches and cenotaph
  • Through the Worship and Membership Development Committee oversees the the worship life of the congregation, provides events to build relationships in the congregation and reaches into the wider community to attract new members 
  • A representative of Session serves on the Nominating Committee
Regular meetings are held each month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in September unless otherwise noted. Special meetings are called as needed.

Meet the Session:

Moderator: Rev. Gregory Hall
Clerk: Robert Sillars

Class of 2017
Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Debbie Gardiner

 John Baudanza

 Jeff Deal
Carolyn Holmes  

 Mary Ann Deb
Cole Murray

Julie Schmit

Bob Sillars

Mary Scalzi

 Jim Wadon
Carrie Spears

John Story

 Tom Yaiko

Barbara Utter