The mission of the Education and Spiritual Growth Team is to encourage the Christain growth of our members.
Responsibilities of this team include:
  • Administering the church school, recruiting and training teachers and offerring special educational programs
  • Overseeing junior and senior high programs and activities
  • Promoting the involvement of the youth in the total life of the congregation
  • Providing regular education opportunities for adults
  • Awarding Scholarships for the youth

Meet the Team:

Chair: Allyson Siegel
Margaret Dale
Steven Dale
Jeffrey Deal
Debbie Gardiner
Sandra Kronmülle

Team Documents:

Currently no documents

Next Meeting: July 20th at 7:00 PM

Come see our Sunday School wing!

Come see our Sunday School wing and classrooms!

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David's Palace Theater
PC Oasis
Creation Station
Our Acts Cafe

Team Minutes:

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