The trustees of the Clarence Presbyterian Church are responsible for receiving, encumbering, managing and transferring both real and personal property for the church, as well as being responsible for the acceptance, execution, holding and defense of the deeds of title to these properties. Trustees are also responsible for the management of special funds used for the advancement of the church.
(Book of Order, G-7.0402)

Responsibilities of the trustees include:
  • Caring, maintaining, and improving the church building and grounds
  • Counting the offering on Sunday mornings
  • Serving as the legal body for signing contracts and other special papers
  • Serving as representatives on the Personnel and Nominating Committees
  • Making recommendations to Session regarding Capital expenditures
  • Implementing the Facility Use Policy
  • Reviewing the Church Insurance Policy
  • Selecting utility suppliers
  • Proposing Budget maintenance for the building

Regular meetings are held each month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in September unless otherwise noted. Special meetings are called as needed.

Meet the Trustees:
Moderator: Bill Lorenz
Secretary: Raymond Cich

Class of 2019 

Class of 2020 

Class of 2021 

Raymond Cich

 Dave Burghardt 

Jerry Bianchi

Margie Dale
Henry Meinzer
Ed Boyer

Don Kaiser (1 year)
Maryalice Yaiko

Dave Gardiner

Bill Lorenz

Tucky Sillars

John Moscati