Since 1965, the Clarence Presbyterian Church Library has been one of the Christian education resources of our church. Here you can find devotional reading materials, as well as books on church history, family and social concerns, biography, fiction, reference material and a large collection of children’s books. Over the years, this collection has grown to include magazines, CDs and audio tapes.

Located at the east end of the Upper Fellowship Hall.
Open before and after church on Sunday, and for self service anytime the church is open.


The library is here to serve you. You can check out a book by filling out the book card with your name and leaving it in the box on the television entertainment center. Suggestions are welcomed and taken into consideration when orders are placed.

& There are books and magazines to read for pleasure, study and research.

& There are aids for group devotions.

& There are books for all ages.

& Movies and music CDs are available.

& The library is a pleasant room for a small meeting.

& Documentation of our church’s past is kept in the library for perusal into our history.

& It is a comfortable place to browse and wait for other family members who are busy with classes and meetings.


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