What is Stephen Ministry?

    Clarence Presbyterian Church participates in an international program called Stephen Ministry, which is dedicated to the care of church and community members who are hurting, through laypeople known as Stephen Ministers. Established in 1975 by Dr. Rev. Kenneth C. Haugk, Stephen Ministry has grown from a single congregation to more than 10,000 congregations in over 150 Christian denominations.

    Stephen Ministers are trained members of our congregation who offer Christian care through means of conversation, empathy, and shared faith. This care is administered to those who are suffering (care-receivers) from divorce, illness, diagnosis, job change, relationship issues, hospitalization or other tribulations.

How can one receive the care of a Stephen Minister?

    If you require the caring services of a Stephen Minister, you can facilitate the connection by contacting the church office (
716-759-8396) or one of our Stephen Ministers. If you have a loved one going through a difficult time, be sure to pass along this information to them.

    Making the decision to contact a Stephen Minister may be difficult and can take some time. To assist with the process, we wish to assure you that our Stephen Ministers are:
  • committed to confidentiality
  • serving as 'caregivers,' not 'curegivers'
  • gender matched to their care-receivers
    Stephen Ministers honor the specific needs of their care-receivers by examining their own lives, motivations and faith as they carefully listen to the other. Despite varying lengths, each relationship between a Stephen Minister and care receiver consists of a beginning, a middle, and an end. The prayers of our Stephen Minister are answered when the care receiver is no longer in "need" of his or her Stephen Minister. This is a very real goal, and satisfaction for both the caregiver and care-receiver alike is enormous.

I'm not a Stephen Minister, but I still want to help!

    Everyone goes through troubling times during their lives. Even if you aren't a Stephen Minister, there are things you can do to aid others, or yourself during difficult times:
  • Pray for our Stephen Ministry program: both for our Stephen Ministers and those in need of care
  • Inform others of this program and the care it provides. Suggest it to those you know who are hurting
  • Tell the pastor about those who need a "caring presence"
  • Be willing to accept care in times of need
  • Acknowledge and encourage our Stephen Ministers 
Of course, if you have looked in yourself and thought about the gifts you have, we encourage you to consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

Where can I find more information on Stephen Ministry?

    More information about Stephen Ministry can be acquired through inquires at Clarence Presbyterian Church, through our church office or any of our Stephen Ministers.

    For more information about the larger Stephen Ministry program, you can visit the official Stephen Ministry website here: