Farewell Service in the Sanctuary

    On June 14th, we held our official last worship service in our current Sanctuary. The service featured a reflection of the many special events that have
occurred within the walls and under the roof of the room that we have called our place of worship for fifty years.

    The bulletin featured a colorful, vivid insert of images from the past half a century. Pictures of baptisms, weddings, confirmations and so much more lined pages of the insert, and the walls inside our minds. Reflection brought back many touching personal memories, and a few laughs as we looked back upon our younger selves. Indeed this sanctuary has been a very special place to us. While this Sanctuary will undergo a transformation, it will remain forever in our hearts.

    The service wasn't solely an end. Towards its conclusion, the congregation, led by the sanctuary choir, marched out the doors of the Sanctuary to new Sanctuary that we will soon call home. During the marching everyone joyfully sang "We are marching!" a song which rang throughout the building. Finally once we all had arrived in the new Sanctuary, everyone formed a large "free form shape" together during prayer.

    The former Sanctuary means many different things to every member of the congregation. Whatever the memories each person has of it, we will always have those memories with us as we march together into the future.