What is the purpose of our Nursery?

The purpose of our Nursery is to provide a safe, loving, fun and comfortable environment for both you and your child. Our goal is to allow parents to fell confident in the care their child is receiving so that they are able to relax and participate in worship. To accomplish this, our caregivers will rock, walk, feed and play with the children to ensure they are content.

Where is the Nursery?

The Nursery is located on the second floor of the classroom wing across from the offices. 

Directions: exit the sanctuary, follow the hall to the end, go up the stairs, turn left at the top of the stairs through the fire doors and turn right at the third door. 

When is the Nursery available?

We strive to staff the Nursery every Sunday during the fall and winter for the 10:00 am service and for the 9:30 am service in the summer time. Refer to the posted schedule or church communications for staffing for special events and activities.

Our caregivers arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the service and will wait for 10 minutes after the beginning of the service. If no children arrive within that time frame the caregivers will leave to attend the service. Should you need care after that time period, please notify an usher and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

For what age group is the Nursery?

The Nursery is provided for children from birth to 36 months of age. Toilet trained children 24-36 months are welcome to attend the preschool class in lieu of the Nursery at the parent's discretion.

Who are our caregivers?

Caregivers are primarily parents, grandparents and/or other members of our congregation, although paid caregivers are provided occasionally for special programs. Caregivers typically work in two person teams. There are always two adults on a team. 

What does the room have to offer?

The room is furnished with a rocking chair, crib, changing table, pack and play, exersaucer, child size table and chairs and age appropriate toys. If requested, a TV and VCR are also available for use if a child is particularly anxious.

Parents are welcome to use the room for diaper changes, nursing or to remove a child from the worship service if they need a break. Children do not need to be left with a caregiver to take advantage of these features. Parents may stay with the children if desired.

What are the health and security policies of our Nursery?

Our goal is to provide a secure and happy environment for both you and your child. In order to insure the safety and health of other children and our caregivers, please refrain from bringing your child if he/she has had any of the following symptoms within the 24 hours prior:
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Fever
    • Rash
    • Open Sores
We are striving to make the Nursery as safe and healthy as possible. Hand washing is essential and is required after each diaper change, before feeding, etc.

Allergy Awareness: given the prevalence of peanut allergies, we ask that children not bring peanut snacks to the Nursery. We also ask you to remind the caregivers at drop off if your child has any specific allergies.

We use a vibrating paging system to reach parents anywhere on the church grounds. Parents are paged if we believe their child needs parental attention. The pager is also your "claim check" to pick up your child. You must return the pager to pick your child up. If someone comes to retrieve the child without the pager, they must be listed on the registration form or the child will not be released to them.

All children cry sometimes when being left by parents. We understand and expect it. In most cases, crying stops a few moments after you leave. If your child continues to cry after about ten minutes we will page you.

What is expected of you?

If this is your first visit, please fill in a registration form so that we may get to know you and your child.

Please follow the following procedure for subsequent visits:
    • Sign your child in and take a pager. Do not forget to have the caregiver record the pager number. 
    • Provide the caregiver with basic instructions for your child. e.g. Are they due for a nap or snack?
    • Provide the caregiver with a diaper bag labeled with child's name. Ensure all bottles and pacifiers are labeled.
    • Leave child with caregiver.
    • Return promptly after the service to pick up your child. Do not forget to return the pager.