Prayer after Children's Sermon

K-6th Grade 2018 - 2019 Program Year:
  • September - Tower of Babel
  • October - Ruth & Naomi
  • November - Jonah
  • December - Shepherds & Angels
  • January - Unforgiving Servant
  • February - Lazarus
  • March - Walk to Emmaus 
  • April - Peter's Vision
  • May - Council of Jerusalem

Sunday School program runs from September through May, during the 10 AM worship service, starting immediately after the "Children's Sermon" and a closing prayer (at approximately 10:20 am)
. This includes preschoolers through 6th grade. Preschoolers have their own classrooms on the upper level of the education wing while Kindergarten through 6th Grade go to the lower level of the education wing for their classes which follow a rotation of "stations." (Go to the bottom of the page for more information on the Preschool Class.)

Consisting of five separate "stations" the program divides the children into groups based on school grade level. Every month all the children explore the same biblical story through different manners at each station, and at age appropriate levels. The meanings behind the stories and how they relate to our lives are examined through both discussion and enjoyable activities, with volunteers from the congregation. Every week the groups rotate through the stations, and each month a new story is explored.

 Creation Station

Here children learn biblical stories through the creation of artwork. Art can range from coloring with markers, to painting, to simple crafts with clay and many other materials. Although the children all begin with the same project, each child lets his or her own project take its own shape, and in the end every one is unique both amongst the other projects and to the child who made it.
 Garden of Gesthemane
Dish Garden

David's Palace Theater

Perhaps the most favorite station of all the youth, David's Palace Theater is home to our small movie theater. Each week a biblical movie is projected against a large screen, as the lights fade and small snacks are handed out. Events from the film are discussed at its conclusion, but like a summer blockbuster they go with the young movie-goers as the children exit the theater.

The Last Supper
Tales from the Script   

Here biblical stories leap to life right out of the pages of the bible. Groups are immersed in stories through storytelling by characters right from the bible! Be sure to expect the unexpected. This room has been known to transform itself into many different settings, ranging from the tents of nomads, to ancient prision cells to the dining room of a noble. The possiblities are endless.

                The Last Supper

PC Oasis

Groups finding themselves "stranded" at the PC Oasis are by no means in for a session of boredom. Interactive software pulls children into the stories of the bible, often through humorous means that young minds will appreciate. Exploration is conducted through storytelling, gameplay and imagination. Thanks to the Mustard Seed Trust we have recently updated the PC Oasis.


Our Acts Café

Various different activities happen each week at the "café." For some stories, groups here will participate in games and mind-boggling puzzles. Many times coming to the "café" means it's time to throw on a costume and put on your acting cap so that the group can act out the month's biblical story. While often the outcome isn't as perfect as the story sounds, through immersing themselves in the story, children better understand its symbolic meaning.


Heroes Alley

The hallway devoted to our Youth's Sunday School program is lined with painstakingly hand-painted murals of various biblical heroes. Openings in the "stone walls" highlight the heroes from the most memorable stories. Created during the summer of 2003,
Sandra Kronmüller, Susan Zografos and Lynn McConnell, members of our own congregation, painted these wonderful murals.  

Every Sunday as the children go to their classes, they walk pass and examine each of these paintings. Jesus, David, Moses, Daniel, Noah, and many others become inspirational leaders in their minds, that travel with them not only through their classes that morning, but also when they leave the doors of our church and venture through the rest of the wonderful world.

Preschool (3 & 4 Year Old) Programming

During the program year (September through May) this age group leaves after the Children's Sermon to go to their classroom for a snack and age appropriate activities that reflect the lesson the K-6th graders are currently studying.

Summer Programming

Junior Church takes the place of Sunday School through the summer months and begins on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Children three years old through 2nd grade leave the sanctuary after the Children’s Sermon. Their time together includes a brief lesson, snack and a craft. 

As the services are a bit shorter in the summer, we encourage our older children and youth to experience worship during the summer.

Sunday School Superintendent: 

Susan Zografos