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Algonquin Canoe Trip '09

    On June 27th, Andrew Crego, Carolyn Crego, Helen Siegel, Michael Gardiner, James Stephenson, Tyler Burghardt, Derek Burghardt, Sam Baudanza, Mark Berquest, Steve Dale, Don Siegel, Jeff Deal, Janet Mustard, Thomas Wilcox, Chris Holmes and Dave Burghardt embarked on the traditional beautiful Algonquin Canoe Trip in Ontario, Canada. With the intention of braving the woods for a full seven days, the campers took off ready to enjoy the wonder of God's natural beauty.
    The group took a loop that has been done a few times before, but the trip itself was as unique as these trips always turn out to be. As noted by the grizzled veterans of these adventures, Steve Dale and Jeff Deal, this was the buggiest and wettest year they have ever seen. Keep in mind that trips to Algonquin have been undertaken for the past 20 years!
    Despite the fact that the sky opened and "rained" everyday, the group pulled through. Through placid lakes, over slippery slopes and lengthy multi-kilometer bug infested portages the group stayed strong, and if anything grew stronger. Of course everyone smiled along the way, especially with the spontaneous, knee slapping, perpetual entertainment supplied by the Chris Holmes.
    In the end the campers voted to push ahead on the sixth day, and finish a day early, so as to not spend an additional day in the torrential downpours. Although they left early, each camper was not disappointed in their decision, and will surely hold many fond memories of their experiences on the lakes of Algonquin. Many of them in fact are already anticipating next year's return!

    Many thanks are due out to Janet Mustard for her labors in the camps' kitchens, even when it wasn't her turn to cook. Also, Steve Dale and Jeff Deal deserve many thanks for their incredible efforts in coordinating the trip this year.

    Are you a high-schooler or soon-to-be-high-schooler with ambitions of joining us on our next adventure? Stay tuned for updates regarding our next voyage through the beautiful Algonquin Park.