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Senior High Scholarship and Awards Info

Below is a list of Scholarships and Awards for High School students at Clarence Presbyterian Church who will be attending college. Descriptions and requirements follow the title of each scholarship or award.

Children's Education Fund

To help finance the needs of higher education to a church child or children of the church family who has lost a parent

  • Recipient must have one deceased parent.
  • At the time of death of parent, at least one parent must be a member of Clarence Presbyterian Church.
  • There must be a need for financial assistance for higher education.
  • Recipient should be reasonably capable of successfully completing the proposed course of study.
  • Recipient should be recommended by the Memorial Fund Team and approved by Session.
Amount of Aid:
The amount of aid should be recommended by the
Memorial Fund Team, taking into consideration the funds available and the needs of the recipient, with Session's approval.

Submit a letter by May 1st to the
Memorial Fund Team.

Knapp Award

The Knapp Award was begun a number of years ago by John and Marian Knapp in memory of Jon's sister, Virginia Knapp.

Those who receive this award are high school seniors who have been very active in our church, participating in a variety of ways, and who will be attending college.

The Director of Christian Education and the Director of Youth Ministry advises the
Memorial Fund Team to whom the $200 should be awarded.

McConnell Family Scholarship

The McConnell Family Scholarship, instituted in 2001, is a service to students who are members of this congregation and are continuing education at the college level. (***Please note that both graduating high school seniors and present college students may apply for this scholarship***)

There will be two scholarships of $300 each presented in August. Any recipient may receive this scholarship only one time.

To qualify for this scholarship, the student must demonstrate qualities of Christian character, giving evidence of commitment to Christ and the church.

The student must be a regular participant in church, Sunday School, youth fellowship activities, service projects, etc., while both in high school and college years.

Application papers are available for download below, or at the church office. They must be returned by the 3rd Sunday in July. A committee will screen applications and applicants may be asked for a personal interview. Recipients will be recognized in the latter part of August.
  • A copy of the McConnell Scholarship Application can be viewed here (PDF)

Grey Memorial Fund

Established to support and encourage an interest towards Missions in the Youth of Clarence Presbyterian Church by sending members of that group to the New Wilmington Missionary Conference each summer. This conference is held in July on the beautiful Westminster College campus in Northwest Pennsylvania.

This fund was given in memory of the following members of the Grey family, most of whom had a long association with the church:
  • James R (1817-1894) and Margaret Tait (1818-1892) Grey
  • William R. (1853-1912) and Mallie Cole (1856-1947) Grey
  • Mabel M. Grey (1879-1962)
  • Harold W. Grey (1892-1966)
  • James T. (1885-1982) and Clara Jochum (1883-1951) Grey
  • Bruse W. Grey (1954-1978)
APPLICATION: Submit a letter by May 1st to the Memorial Fund Team

On the years when no one is sent to the conference matching funds will be sent to support the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Chinle, AZ, a mission church for the Navaho of that area.

For more information on The New Wilmington Program you can visit their website at:

New Wilmington brochures and registration forms are available in the literature rack by the church office. A copy of New Wilmington's most recent brochure can be viewed here.

The Cobb Education Fund

The Cobb Education Fund is administered by the Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church under the provisions of the Bequests of Fredericka P. and Ethelyn P. Cobb. Any resident of Western New York who will be enrolled in an accredited college or university during an academic year and who has demonstrated need, evidence of self-help, a comprehensive financial plan and an education goal may apply for a grant. For more information contact:

Westminster Presbyterian Church
724 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209-2294

Phone Number: (716) 884-9437  Ext. 120

Other Scholarships Available through the Presbytery of WNY

Each year a number of scholarships and awards are available to students who are members of churches in our local presbytery. For more information on the availability, requirements and deadlines of these scholarships and awards visit the Presbytery of Western New York's website at:

Other Scholarships Available through the Synod of the Northeast

Each year the Synod of Northeast Presbyterian Church (USA) has education scholarships and interest-free student loans which are available to those who are active members of a Presbyterian Church in the Synod of the Northeast.

Information on the requirements and availability of these funds is available from our church office, on church bulletin boards or on the Synod of the Northeast's website: Some of the Synod's scholarship information can be found on this page:

Each year the deadline for synod scholarships is March 31st. Further information may be requested by emailing

Further contact information:

The Synod of the Northeast
Student Loan/Scholarship Programs
5811 Heritage Landing Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057-9360

Phone Number: 1-800-585-5881

Other Scholarships Available through the Presbyterian Church (USA)

The National Presbyterian College Scholarship:

For students preparing to enter as full-time, incoming freshmen in one of the participating colleges related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), there are scholarships available. Range of awards: $200-$1400 per academic year. Renewal is possible. Deadline for filling applications is January 31st of the student's senior year in high school.

Applicants must:
  • be confirmed members of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • be high school seniors entering college full-time
  • carry a 3.0 GPA
  • be US citizens or permanent residents of the USA
  • take the SAT/ACT no later than December 14th
  • demonstrate financial need
For more information contact: Frances Cook, 1-888-178-7228 Ext. 5776 or

Undergraduate/Graduate Loan Program:

For students who demonstrate financial need, give satisfactory evidence of financial responsibility, are US citizens or permanent residents, enrolled full-time in a degree program at a fully accredited college or university and is in good academic standing, the Presbyterian Church (USA) offers loans.

For more information contact Laura Bryan at: 1-888-728-7228 Ext. 5735 or

-For All Scholarships, Loans or Awards through the Presbyterian Church (USA) you can also request further information by contacting:

Presbyterian Church (USA)
Office of Financial Aid for Studies
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202-1396